HIPPO Coatings delivers a variety of plural component spray rigs used in the spray foam and polyurea markets
complemented by the design and build of custom coatings equipment.

Turnkey Spray Rigs

Everything you need now comes in one amazing package. Our turnkey spray rigs are designed to tackle an array of applications for the spray foam and polyurea industries – oil and gas pipeline coatings, commercial and residential insulation, water and wastewater tasks, and more.

Discover the full-line of HIPPO Coatings spray rigs.


Power/Air Compressor Combinations

The only equipment necessary to power your next coatings project is a HIPPO Coatings generator/air compressor unit. With variable electric power and air output, these combination models adjust to the task at hand, reducing the amount of equipment traditionally required to get the job done with one combined unit. Diesel (CPU, MCPU) or gas (FPU) powered.

Learn more about HIPPO Coatings power units.


Graco and PMC Equipment, Parts and Service

HIPPO Coatings is a distributor of Graco and PMC proportioners, hose, guns, transfer pumps and offers certified repair and replacement parts.

Learn about other suppliers.


We understand that you need the proper equipment to efficiently compete and flourish. That’s why Lease Corporation of America provides financing options for HIPPO Coatings – so your business can reach its full potential.

Current Financing Offer: 60 months with the first 6 months at $99/month

Financing Options

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