HIPPO ATSV (All Terrain Support Vehicle)


The HIPPO ATSV (All Terrain Support Vehicle) provides tactical support for military and disaster
relief operations in hard to reach terrain. It has four key characteristics:

    PAYLOAD – The HIPPO ATSV can carry 1,650 lbs of payload, sufficient to support an infantry platoon for 72 hours. It can tow 4,400 lbs, sufficient for a 105mm artillery piece.
    MOBILITY – Capable of parachute insertion, internal carriage by CH-47 and CH-53, underslung by utility helicopter (eg UH-60), towable, amphibious, superb terrain accessibility in jungles, mountains, swamps, desert, snow and the urban environment.
    EXPORTABLE POWER – The HIPPO ATSV can export 5 kW of electrical power for battery charging, communications, electronic counter measures (ECM), power tools, ISTAR, tethered UAS, remote weapons, water purification, water heating, refrigeration, emergency lights, etc. It can also export hydraulic power for engineer tools, hydraulic masts, etc.
    OPTIONAL ROBOTICS – All manned HIPPO ATSV variants can be fitted for remote and/or autonomous operation – optionally robotic. HIPPO UGVs can be used for autonomous resupply, reconnaissance, surveillance, fire support, route proving, CASEVAC, CBRN, etc.
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