HIPPO Power Tread and THK

Designed specifically for railroad applications by railroad professionals, the HIPPO Power Tread and HIPPO THK are self-propelled, all-wheel-drive units that deliver outstanding power and mobility to your worksite. They are each powered by a Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine to provide years of dependable performance.

Both units come equipped with Michelin non-pneumatic tires, making them ideal mobile power sources for tackling tough terrain other remote power units can’t get to.

The HIPPO Power Tread and HIPPO THK were designed on the same military-grade platform that passed the Aberdeen Proving Ground tests, demonstrating their capabilities to withstand and perform in the harshest environments.

Power Tread
The only diesel-powered, twin 10 gpm hydraulic power unit designed specifically for railroad maintenance, the HIPPO Power Tread is a self-propelled, all-wheel-drive unit that offers the ultimate in power and mobility for your worksite.

Don’t need all the power of the HIPPO Power Tread? The HIPPO THK combines the self-propelled mobility of the HIPPO Power Tread with the singular focus of hydraulic power for a smaller equipment footprint on your worksite—and a smaller budget.

Ideal For: Railroads | Class 1s | Transits | Short Lines | MOW Contractors

Financing Options

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