Why Choose HIPPO?

Answering the call of duty isn’t just a tagline. It’s a commitment to our clients that our products will show up and work hard for them—day in and day out. From warzones to emergency response areas, water main breaks to railroad track repairs.

The way we see it, if it’s good enough for the US Army, it’s more than good enough to tackle your toughest jobs.

That’s right. The US Army needed an innovative new way to deliver power to remote places, so they turned to the experts in mobile power solutions: HIPPO Multipower. We were able to design a unit that met their specific needs, and after exhaustive testing under extreme conditions at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the US Army selected HIPPO Multipower as the supplier for their future, multi-function powerpacks.

There’s one reason so many companies choose HIPPO Multipower: when push comes to shove, it is the best solution to their problems.

So why choose HIPPO Multipower when you need a reliable, multipower solution to get the job done?

Power & Durability
Versatility & Mobility
Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs
Less Maintenance & Increased Support
Standardize Your Fleet