Less Maintenance & Increased Support

Less Maintenance
We try to simplify everything on our units to take all the guesswork out of operating one. All of the hoses inside our units are color-coded: black lines for pressure, blue lines for return, yellow for air. In addition to color-coding, they are also labeled. We do the same thing for the wires in the wiring harness; each wire is color-coded, numbered, and labeled. We provide a detailed hydraulic and electric schematic for our units as well.

Another benefit to our philosophy of designing products with the mechanic in mind is that there is a large similarity of internal parts and components throughout the HIPPO family of products. For example, the wiring harness for the 2022P is the same wiring harness used on the 2032P and 2042P.

Tested at the US Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, HIPPO Multipower units are the choice of the US Department of Defense for construction, engineering, maintenance and repair operations. This proven durability means less time and money spent on maintaining our units.

Increased Support
If anything were to malfunction with your HIPPO Multipower unit, you’ll be glad it was designed with three things in mind:

  1. Ease of diagnosing and repairing problems
  2. Ease of access to all parts of the unit
  3. Ease of obtaining most replacement parts locally

And HIPPO Multipower units are guaranteed with a full two-year warranty covering all parts and labor.

For technical support for your existing HIPPO Multipower product, call our 24-hour tech support hotline at (816) 368-6006.