Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

Increase Productivity
How much time and money are spent procuring and maintaining all the separate “single function” power sources that can only operate one type of tool? How much easier would it be to maintain one HIPPO Multipower unit, with a single engine (or the truck’s PTO) that does everything?

HIPPO Multipower units outperform other HPUs 3:1. Our E-Model units all feature industrial diesel engines that deliver long-term performance and reliability without the problems and dangers associated with gasoline engines.

Tested at the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, HIPPO Multipower units are the choice of the U.S. Department of Defense for construction, engineering, maintenance and repair operations. This proven durability means less down time and lower costs for you and your team!

Reduce Costs
Owning a HIPPO Multipower unit eliminates the unnecessary and redundant maintenance costs associated with traditional component power systems. HIPPO Multipower systems provide hydraulic, air, electric and welding power all from a single unit powered by the truck’s PTO or a single dedicated diesel engine. HIPPO Multipower units eliminate the need for numerous trucks on a single jobsite or the need for several engine-driven units on a single truck.

And mounting a HIPPO Multipower unit onto your service trucks gives you all the power flexibility you require with the added benefit of reducing the hours on your truck’s engine. HIPPO’s integrated diesel engine will provide years of flawless service without increasing “idle” hours on your truck’s engine. Regardless of whether you choose the P-Model or the E-Model, the addition of a HIPPO Multipower unit to your truck will ALWAYS increase the resale value (providing you are willing to part with it).