The HIPPO HAWC (Hybrid Amphibious Wheeled Carrier) and HIPPO RAPTOR are multi-purpose mobility platforms designed to reduce burden on, and reduce risk for, the dismounted soldier/light forces. Here’s how:

    Total load capacity of 1000 kg allows HAWC and RAPTOR to support dismounted operations by reducing the burden on the soldier, enabling the soldier to shoot, move and communicate faster. A modular cargo retention system allows the platforms to be rapidly reconfigured for a variety of missions including tactical load carriage, tactical resupply, CASEVAC, weapon carriage (including remote weapon stations), surveillance, engineering, communications, fire & rescue. HAWC and RAPTOR can also tow 2000 kg additional load.
    Internally transportable by support helicopter or delivered by parachute, the HAWC and RAPTOR are ideally suited to supporting airborne and airmobile operations. The electric drive provides instant torque for extreme terrain accessibility; perfect for supporting jungle and mountain operations. When operating on battery power both platforms have extremely low acoustic and thermal signatures; covert insertion of snipers or intimate load carriage support for advancing troops. An integrated diesel generator provides range (over 150km) and endurance.
    HAWC and RAPTOR can export 5 kW of electrical power for battery charging, sensors, radios, weapons, etc. Lithium-ion batteries provide extended silent watch.
    The HAWC is available in both manned and optionally manned/autonomous configurations, while the RAPTOR is unmanned/autonomous only, from basic remote control to full autonomous navigation. RAS offers more efficient use of manpower and the ability to remove a soldier from harm’s way (e.g., sending an unmanned HAWC or RAPTOR to deliver tactical resupply under fire).

• Low Maintenance Drivetrain – 200-400 hour oil change intervals, no grease points
• Automatic chain tensioners utilize idler sprockets to eliminate wear points
• Optional diesel generator, 13kW DC output
• Advanced cooling system eliminates overheating even in extreme conditions
• Front and rear tie down points included, optional helicopter lift points
• Electric parking/emergency brake
• Silent Mode Range (low speed, electric only): 5 mph; 10 mph optional
• Single-lever central free-wheeling system and optional tow bar allows for towing at highway speed
• CAN-controlled motor controllers
• Digital gauge package with speed, temperature, voltage readouts
• Accessible, removable electronics board
• Maintenance-free, heavy duty wheel bearings

Download HAWC Data Sheet
Download RAPTOR Data Sheet

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